Xtar D4 4-slot Quick Charger with LED Screen


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The Xtar D4 Charger is an innovative Quick Charger with four battery slots and LED display. Just get the Xtar D4 Charger and enjoy an extremely quicker and safer battery charging.

The Xtar D4 4-slot Quick Charger is a new high current intelligent charger with simple and convenient operation. The Xtar D4 Charger features four battery slots with LED indicator. It is compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries for widely use. Together with the various protections, the Xtar D4 battery charger will bring you a faster and safer charging experience.


Size: 130 x 118 x 36mm

Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.8A

Constant Current: 2A x 2/1A x 4/ 0.5A x 2(CH2&CH3) +1A x 2

Cut-off Voltage: 4.15-4.25V

Operating Temperature: 0-40℃

Compatible batteries:

3.6V/3.7V rechargeable Li-ion / IMR/ INR/ ICR 14500 14650 16340 17335 17500 17650 18350 18500 18650 18700 20700 21700 22650 26650 Li-ion batteries

Quick and intelligent charger

Simple and convenient operation

Various charging protections

0V Activation Function Revives Over-discharged Batteries

Battery Life Optimization Charging

TC-CC-CV Three-Stage Charging

Elaborate Heat Dissipation Design

4 battery slots

It comes with

  • 1x Xtar D4 4-slot Quick Charger

  • Keep the charger out of reach of children.
  • Use the device at 0-40℃ temperature range.

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