Tesla Mini DUO CBD/Wax Tank 0.5ml


Type: CBD
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The Tesla Mini DUO Atomizer is designed for CBD/Wax vape. You are capable of choosing the one you like. The Mini DUO CBD Tank adopts ceramic coil and the Wax Tank adopts quartz coil.

The Tesla Mini DUO CBD/Wax Tank is designed for Mini DUO Kit. The CBD tank features 0.5ml juice capacity and 2.0ohm ceramic coil for optimal flavor. And the Wax tank adopts dual 1.0ohm Quartz Rods for best taste. Just get these tanks for your Tesla Mini DUO Kit.

Tesla Mini DUO CBD/Wax Tank 0.5ml


CBD Tank

Capacity: 0.5ml

Coil: 2.0ohm Ceramic Coil

Mouthpiece Material: Ceramic

Wax Tank

Coil: 1.0ohm Quartz Rods

Rod Material: Quartz

Ceramic coil for CBD Tank

Dual quartz rods in Wax Tank

Flat mouthpiece for optimal flavor

Tesla Mini DUO CBD/Wax Tank 0.5ml

It comes with

  • 1x Tesla Mini DUO CBD/Wax Tank

  • You can select the e-juice.
  • The Tesla Mini DUO Kit/Mini DUO MOD are also available in HG.
  • Note: The Tesla Mini DUO CBD/Wax Tank is one piece each pack. The quantity showed on the package is wrong. Please refer to the actual product received. Thanks for your attention.

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